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Lac de Villedon: Fishery Rules

Lac de villedon fishery rules

The welfare of the fish at Lac De Villedon, the comfort of our guests and a general concern for maintaining the environment are of utmost importance to us and all visitors are requested to familiarise themselves with the fishery rules before fishing.

We wish you a most enjoyable stay at the venue.
  • Commencing 2017 season - no particles at all. Boilies and pellet only.
    Please note: Anyone found using particles will be asked to leave the venue with no refund. Regular inspections are made on swims so please make anyone in your group aware of this.
  • Arrival time is 10.00 am if you are staying in the cabin or gite please do not arrive before 16.00. This allows for cleaning and inspection of your accommodation.
  • Friday arrivals are strictly by appointment only and arrival must be by 6 pm. You must receive confirmation of this arrangement from Armfield Angling before arrival.
  • Please vacate by 10.00 am on your day of departure.
  • Maximum of 4 rods per person.
  • No braided mainline lead core or leaders, rig tubing only that is available to purchase at the on-site shop.
  • No plastic baits.
  • Only microbarbs allowed, no bigger than size 4.
  • No fishing for pike and zander (roach no problem).
  • Tube markers only (these are available for hire at the shop). Please do not use H blocks or any other form of marker.
  • Please ensure the use of carp care kits and treat hook marks accordingly. You will be provided with a large unhooking mat on arrival. Please only use the unhooking mat supplied by Lac De Villedon - all other mats are forbidden. Please only use the unhooking mat to unhook fish,. Do not use to sit/lie on.
  • Strictly no sacking or retaining of fish. Please ensure a bucket of water is at hand for use while the fish is on the unhooking mat especially important in hot weather. Do not stand up with fish.
  • Quality PVC weigh slings must be used.
  • Please take extra special care with grass carp and sturgeon.
  • Bait boats allowed.
  • Swims have to be clean at all times, so no rubbish or cigarette ends. (This also applies on the fish farm and by the showers & toilets). No toilet paper.
  • Please report any litter in your swim on arrival, as after 48 hours this will be considered your responsibility A weekly inspection is conducted on departure.
  • No barbecues or open fires.
  • Pets are allowed with a maximum of two in the gite and one in the cabin. It is the owners responsibility to clean up after their pets.
  • On site, only cash payments are accepted in euros.
  • The management reserve the right to inspect bait tackle and vehicles.
  • Access to swims only by boat. A lifejacket is provided free of charge.
  • The villa, cabin and gite (damwall) is a private area.
  • Swim limit is between 2 swims and the middle of the lake. Please have a little chat with your neighbours before fishing
  • Max 2 polemarkers a person, no markers with line.
  • Only carp bivvies allowed.
  • No camping or party tents, everything should be green in colour.
  • Please leave showers and toilets clean.
  • There is a disinfecting tank for landing nets and slings located at the boat jetty and also at the villa and cabin. Please ensure these items are dipped fully in disinfectant before fishing.