Market your lake with us

Armfield Angling are always keen to be involved with marketing he very best of French big carp fishing venues.

Our service offers:

  • Inclusion in our ever developing website
  • Handling of all social media
  • Advertising and news reports on a weekly basis in the very best uk carp fishing publications ( we sponsor both Carptalk and Carpworld international sections )
  • Top ranking ( usually number one ) on keyword searches on google at prime times
  • Visits where necessary by our consultants such as Steve Briggs
  • Regular digital marketing e shots
  • Promotion to our regular 400 plus clients including high profile celebrities

To arrange a visit to your venue for preliminary discussions contact

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Lac De Villedon - Location

Lac de Villedon

Distance from Calais - 6 hours 22 minutes

Local Weather

Mostly cloudy


Mostly cloudy
Monday 22°C / 34°C Scattered thunderstorms
Tuesday 22°C / 32°C Thunderstorms
Wednesday 21°C / 27°C Partly cloudy

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Our support and booking team is
available 7 days a week

Monday-Sunday: 9am to 5pm